"Every piece has its own unique story...just like you!"

With this motto and with absolute respect for the style and the needs of modern woman, the founder and designer from Thessaloniki, Efi Michailidou, gives her own fashion statement by creating a new and very promising brand of unique handcrafted accessories, “Two & A Half".


Its name comes from the amount of time that it takes for every piece to be created. For the creator of "Two & A Half", one of its main goals is to portray the elements that differentiate each woman and at the same time present unique accessories.


The story so far...

The story “Two & A Half” begins  from grandma's traditional knitting needles. The creator Efi Michailidou blends in a unique way, past with present, the authentic with the modern, combining the crochet tradition with the latest fashion trends.

Thus, her beloved grandma became her inspiration!


“During my childhood, my grandma was my heroine. She inspired me to become a better person. She makes me proud of who I am and what I have achieved so far. She gave me the courage to be who I am today but above all she brought me all her knowledge. All my creations are thanks to her lessons, her love and her passion".




Materials and inspiration

Every love story has its own main characters, who make the plot and enrich it with their own unique way.

A love story of that kind exists in “Two & A Half” between the raw materials that are used.

High quality ad unique yarn made exclusively by "Two & A Half", leather and all exceptional materials are carefully selected, tested, and crafted with a great focus on detail.

"Two and a Half" creations reflect the designer's passion for style, quality and aesthetics. Every item is guaranteed to add a sense of uniqueness to any look.

Explore our collection that emphasize on authenticity, timelessness and trendy colors and find your own treasure that suits your personality.

Welcome to our world and  hope you love our bags as much as we do!