"Each piece has its own unique story… just like you"!

With this motto and with absolute respect for the style and needs of the modern woman, the inspirer and creator from Thessaloniki, Efi Michailidou makes her own fashion proposal through the new and promising brand "Two & A Half".

The brand name - "Two and a Half" - derives from the duration of the production process (2.5 hours) required to complete each piece. For the creator of "Two & A Half" one of the main goals is to highlight the elements that differentiate each woman and at the same time to present timeless clothes and accessories that are characterized by their uniqueness.


The story so far...

"Two & A Half" is inspired on many levels by time. The time of manufacture of each product, but also the time that every woman has to manage daily. Among all the obligations, the modern woman has a need and desire to feel stylish and comfortable. To have in her wardrobe pieces modern and at the same time timeless so that she can make easy combinations in clothes, adding bags and accessories that upgrade her every look. "Two & A Half" creates mainly based on white and black, in minimal lines and many layers so that the combinations are practical, easy and always in fashion.

The designer Efi Michailidou creatively unites yesterday with today and looks to the future with appetite and inspiration. "The company is dedicated to my grandmother who was my hero… and above all, she conveyed to me the courage and love for life to evolve my every day."

Materials and inspiration

Every love story has its protagonists. They will "entangle" their history, enrich it and perfect it. There is such a love story in "Two & A Half" that takes care of every detail. That is why the best quality of the raw materials used is a key component of every creation.

The leather in the accessories is genuine, the zippers are selected with special care and go through many tests to ensure their quality, while the threads are made exclusively by "Two & A Half".

All clothes, bags and accessories perfectly express the designer's passion for personal style, quality and aesthetics. Each piece promises to give a sense of uniqueness to each look.
Explore our collection, which is based on authenticity and timelessness and find your own little treasure that fits your personality.
Welcome to our world and we hope you love our collections as much as we do!